WILLIBALD Shark EP Shark 5500


A wide variety of materials can be processed as required by the innovative shredding systems of the EP series. In addition to the main field of application of composting, as well as the increasingly more important biomass, the sharks have also successfully established themselves in biogas substrate processing. Furthermore, the "Willibald sharks" are successfully used for bark and peat processing, as well as for the production of wood chips from residual and waste wood materials (e.g. pallets), for thermal recycling. Choosing the type of Shark to suit your needs will perfect the shredding result in line with your individual material requirements.
Particular attention is paid to the extended rubber conveyor belt in the EP 5500 Shark series. The increased discharge height enables optimum utilisation of limited space and direct loading of container vehicles. The intelligent buckling technology of the rubber discharge belt enables three quickly accessible basic positions of the discharge belt:

  • the transport position with a compact overall length of the machine of only 9.98m
  • the maintenance position with a unique accessibility for service and maintenance    work
  • the working position

The machine operators particularly emphasize the performance and outstanding service accessibility as well as the compact design of this series, which is available in three customized variants:

  • Shark I - for the finest results:  The Shark I is the ideal choice when exact fine grain is required.
  • Shark II - the all-round talent: Consistetly good results in almost all areas of application
  • Shark III - Master of biomass!


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  • Fields of application
 Transport measurements      
  l/w/h 9950/2500/4000
Manufacturer   MAN MAN
Type   D2676 LE 140 D2676 LE 139
Power kW/HP 353/480 382/520
Number of cylinders   R6 R6
Displacement cm³ 12419 12419
Nominal speeds rpm 1750 / 1900 1750 / 1900
Speed at max. torque rpm 1500 1500
max. Torgue Nm 2300 2400
2 axle central chassis for 50 m/h
permissible total weight kg 19.000
 Rotor   SHARK I
Weight (equipped) kg ca. 1300 ca. 1750 ca. 2000
Width mm 1450    
Diameter mm   1000  
Rotor speed
at low/high engine speed
rpm 1150 / 1250 900 / 980 660 / 800
Hammer free swinging with
pointing tips
pcs. 48 16 variable
Tips pcs. - 32 variable
Milling Strips pcs. 16 / - 08. Apr variable
Hammer weight kg approx. 3,5 approx. 23 approx..23
Maximal Infeed Height mm  900 
 Rolling floor and infeed roller
Speed infinitely variable from 10-100%
 Counter-blade and secondary shredding
Speed infinitely variable from 10-100%
 Applicator tape (rubber band)
Overloading height series/option mm 3800/4500
Width mm 1400
Speed m/s max. 4
 Creep drive    
Speed m/s 0,1
 Throughput capacities    
Green cut m³/h up to 220
Waste wood m³/h up to 130
Waste wood shredded m³/h up to 210
Bark m³/h up to230


Conveyor belt # °
Conveyor belt; hydr foldable long 4,5 m   °
Neodymium magnet with collection containe   °
Available on tracks # °
Crawler drive # °
Remote control    °
Central lubrication system    °
Hydraulic shafts extractor # °
Hydraulic support wheel # °
Reversable fan # °
Working lights # °
Water spray system    °
Extended hopper (700mm) hydr foldable  # °
Extended side walls (manual/hydr foldable) # °
Trailer coupling    °
Special paint    °
Bio Oil    °
Visible belt scales    °
Diesel particle filter    °
Additional tank   °

° Option

# can be operated with the optional remote control


  • Composting
  • Bio mass
  • Biogas substrate treatment
  • Bark & Peat processing
  • Production of wood chips
    from residual wood & old wood materials