Grader/Planierhobel  PH Mini 100 - 150


Power of impact of the highest standard
The HK Grader can be used to maintain and construct water-bound paths, tracks, trails, cycle paths, construction roads, promenades or tow paths in a cost-effective and powerful way. lt is suited for the spreading and levelling of various bulk materials such as gravel, grit, coarse gravel or sand.


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Working width
Width / Length cm
Power req.
min kW / hp
 PH 100 Mini 100 125 / 135 22 / 30 350
 PH 130 Mini 130 155 / 135 26 / 35 400
 PH 150 Mini 150 175 / 135 29 / 40 1150
  • Cemeteries
  • Parks
  • Golf courses
  • Cycle paths
  • Promenades
  • Tracks
  • Military sites

Grader as mounted implement

The grader Mini is coupled to the tractor's rear three-point hydraulic system (CAT 1/11). For a power requirement from 30 HP upwards the machine can be trailed by small and very versatile tractors. A distributor shield (optional extra) placed diagonally in the U-shaped frame loses and distributes the material. The optional device for the maintenance of the surfaces in the shape of a spiked roller ensures the superficial Loosening of the material.

Straight crossfall

The rear roller rotates about its Longitudinal axis and facilitates a precise, clean straight crossfall for a quick drainage of surface water. 

Lateral offset

The grader can run an the right of the tractor by means of the mechanical Lateral offset from 200 - 300 mm (option PH 130 - 150 S). Thus, you have the possibility to work very close to the edge of the path without damaging road curbs or edgings of tombs.


The HK Grader is easily operated via the top Link of the tractor and the two spindles of the roller setting. The grader can optionally also be equipped with a hydraulic roller adjustment device.